[R-pkgs] New package aod: Analysis of Overdispersed Data

Renaud Lancelot renaud.lancelot at cirad.fr
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         Information on package 'aod'


Package:       aod
Version:       1.1-2
Date:          2005-06-08
Title:         Analysis of Overdispersed Data
Author:        Matthieu Lesnoff <matthieu.lesnoff at cirad.fr> and Renaud
                Lancelot <renaud.lancelot at cirad.fr>
Maintainer:    Renaud Lancelot <renaud.lancelot at cirad.fr>
Depends:       R (>= 2.0.0), methods, stats
Suggests:      MASS, nlme
Description:   This package provides a set of functions to analyse
                overdispersed counts or proportions. Most of the
                methods are already available elsewhere but are
                scattered in different packages. The proposed functions
                should be considered as complements to more
                sophisticated methods such as generalized estimating
                equations (GEE) or generalized linear mixed effect
                models (GLMM).

Index (edited):

betabin                 Beta-Binomial Model for Proportions
donner                  Test of Proportion Homogeneity using Donner's
icc                     Intra-Cluster Correlation
negbin                  Negative-Binomial Model for Counts
quasibin                Quasi-Likelihood Model for Proportions
quasipois               Quasi-Likelihood Model for Counts
raoscott                Test of Proportion Homogeneity using Rao and
                         Scott's Adjustment
varbin                  Mean, Variance and Confidence Interval of a
wald.test               Wald Test for Model Coefficients


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