[R-pkgs] New package for latent trait models

Dimitris Rizopoulos dimitris.rizopoulos at med.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Mar 15 14:47:23 CET 2005

Dear R-users,

I'd like to announce the release of my new package "ltm" (available 
from CRAN), for fitting Latent Trait Models (including the Rasch 
model) under the Item Response Theory approach. The latent trait model 
is the analogous of the factor analysis model for Bernoulli response 
data. "ltm" fits the linear one- and two-factor models but also allows 
for inclusion of nonlinear latent terms (e.g., interaction and 
quadratic). Any kind of feedback (questions, suggestions, bug-reports, 
etc.) is more than welcome.


Dimitris Rizopoulos
Ph.D. Student
Biostatistical Centre
School of Public Health
Catholic University of Leuven

Address: Kapucijnenvoer 35, Leuven, Belgium
Tel: +32/16/336899
Fax: +32/16/337015
Web: http://www.med.kuleuven.ac.be/biostat/

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