[R-pkgs] phpSerialize 0.8

Dieter Menne dieter.menne at menne-biomed.de
Mon Feb 28 17:22:58 CET 2005

New on CRAN: phpSerialize Version 0.8
Dieter Menne, dieter.menne at menne-biomed.de

Serializes R objects for PHP import into an associative array. 
Main use is for building web pages with R-support. 

Has mainly been tested with lm,lme, nlme and their summaries.

A web example is provide, showing

-- How to start R from php/Apache
-- How to pass variables from php to R via Environment
-- How to create serialized php output from R
-- How to read the serialize output from php/Apache via pipe
-- How to display individual results in a table
-- How to display the structure of the associative array.

For example, the following R structure...

  Delta=as.numeric(Sys.getenv("DELTA")) # Get Info from php
  wc = wilcox.test(rnorm(10),rnorm(10)+Delta)

... is is piped to standard output

... and after deserialization

  $pp = popen("$Rterm --no-save  --slave  2>&1 < $RFile DELTA=$Delta","r");
  // Read serialized R output via pipe.

... prints as follows:

  [statistic] => Array
    [W] => 29

  [parameter] => 
  [p.value] => 0.1230055
  [null.value] => Array
    [mu] => 0
  [alternative] => two.sided
  [method] => Wilcoxon rank sum test
  [data.name] => rnorm(10) and rnorm(10) + Delta

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