[R-pkgs] adehabitat version 1.2

Clément Calenge calenge at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Feb 3 09:52:15 CET 2005

Dear all,

I have just uploaded to CRAN the version 1.2 of the package
'adehabitat'. This package now contains new functions for
the estimation of home ranges (Nearest neighbour convex
hull, brownian bridge approach for kernel estimation),
estimation of schoener's ratio.  This package now allows a
better management of objects of class "area" (see plot.area,
perarea, ararea). Some arguments of the graphical functions
have also been changed (kernel, image.kasc, scatter.enfa).
Finally, some minor bugs have been corrected. Note that
the package now need that the packages ade4 and gpclib
are installed.

Questions, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Happy testing,

Clément Calenge.

LBBE - UMR CNRS 5558 - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - FRANCE
tel. (+33)
fax. (+33)

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