[R-pkg-devel] Finding dependencies (Was: problem with submitting to CRAN (windows))

Greg Minshall m|n@h@|| @end|ng |rom um|ch@edu
Wed Jun 2 14:48:42 CEST 2021


probably you know this one, but as we're sharing, and as i'm a fan, the
=miniCRAN= package has some such functionality, and the results can be
graphed.  e.g.,
pdb <- pkgAvail()
dg <- makeDepGraph(c("acs", "cdlTools", "maps"), enhances=TRUE,availPkgs=pdb)
plot(dg, legendPosition=c(-1,1),vertex.size=10,cex=0.7)

(though following the arrows, you may need better eyesight than i
possess! :)

cheers, Greg

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