[R-pkg-devel] \donttest{} and writing outputs to tempdir()

Danielle Maeser m@e@e005 @end|ng |rom umn@edu
Wed Jun 2 06:39:43 CEST 2021


I received the following comments from a CRAN maintainer, and I don't
understand why they were an issue. I'd appreciate any insight you can


*All your examples are wrapped in \donttest{} and therefore do not
gettested.Please unwrap the examples if that is feasible and if they can
beexecuted in < 5 sec for each Rd file or create additionally small
toyexamples to allow automatic testing.*

I don't think I can unwrap the examples in \donttest{} because they cannot
be executed in <5 seconds for each Rd file, and the automatic testing of
toy data is satisfied in the vignettes I provide for each function.
Therefore, I am not sure what change to make here.

*Please ensure that your functions do not write by default or in
yourexamples/vignettes/tests in the user's home filespace (including
thepackage directory and getwd()). This is not allowed by CRAN policies.In
your examples/vignettes/tests you can write to tempdir().*

Additionally, all of my vignettes write the output of each function to
tempdir(). Therefore, I am not sure why this is a problem.
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