[R-pkg-devel] Package not building for i386 after adding configure.win

David Cortes d@v|d@corte@@r|ver@ @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Sun May 16 00:09:05 CEST 2021

I recently tried adding a configure.win file to a package
. This file calls the Rscript executable in order to extract
information about the R build and prepare a Makevars.win file:

HAS_LD=`${R_HOME}/bin${R_ARCH_BIN}/Rscript.exe -e
sed -e \
    "s/@HAS_LD@/$HAS_LD/" \
    < src/Makevars.win.in > src/Makevars.win

The configure script works correctly on my setup and does not produce
any errors when checking the package locally, nor when checking it in
r-hub, but when I upload it to Winbuilder or to CRAN, it will fail to
install for i386, with the following message:

** checking whether the package can be loaded ... ERROR
Loading this package had a fatal error status code 1
Loading log:
Error: package 'MatrixExtra' is not installed for 'arch = i386'
Execution halted

The file '00install.out' does not seem to show traces of having
compiled the package for i386, only for x64:

Removing the configure.win file and modifying Makevars accordingly will
make it work correctly in Winbuilder.

What step am I missing?

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