[R-pkg-devel] Resubmitting archived package with new maintainer

Michael Hellstern m|keh1 @end|ng |rom uw@edu
Tue May 4 22:03:07 CEST 2021


I'm trying to resubmit a package to CRAN that was archived about 1 month
ago. The archived package has a different maintainer. We discussed and they
are OK with me taking over as the new maintainer. Do we need to email CRAN
confirming the change in maintainers even though the package was archived?

The new submission was rejected from CRAN with the note:

Check: CRAN incoming feasibility, Result: NA
  Maintainer: 'Michael Hellstern <mikeh1 using uw.edu>'
  New submission
  Package was archived on CRAN
  CRAN repository db overrides:
    X-CRAN-Comment: Archived on 2021-04-08 as check problems were not
      corrected in time.
  The Date field is over a month old.
  Size of tarball: 5111516 bytes

Thank you for the help!


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