[R-pkg-devel] Another newbie question: vignettes not appearing in GitHub hosted package

Chris Evans chr|@ho|d @end|ng |rom p@yctc@org
Wed Apr 14 18:53:10 CEST 2021

As ever, my package is https://github.com/cpsyctc/CECPfuns and I am building withing Rstudio 1.4.1103 

I am aiming for the package to have fairly comprehensive vignettes and there are four now, but two are very incomplete. 

The problem I have may relate to https://github.com/Kenkleinman/clusterPower/issues/113 and to 
https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/issues/1766 or it may not. I have a nasty feeling that I am just looking 
straight through something obvious. 

When I run 
browseVignettes(package = "CECPfuns") 
within Rstudio working on the package I see the vignettes and I have now got pkgdown working to compile the 
lovely web site around the package (at https://cecpfuns.psyctc.org/) and I see the vignettes there and they 

The bizarre thing that is beating me is that when I pull the package down to any machine with 
gets the function but no vignettes! Here's an example from my little Pi machine: 

> remotes::install_github("cpsyctc/CECPfuns") 
Downloading GitHub repo cpsyctc/CECPfuns using HEAD 
✔ checking for file ‘/tmp/RtmpPhD1Rg/remotes294e1d1ff9d6/cpsyctc-CECPfuns-ab23518/DESCRIPTION’ (722ms) 
─ preparing ‘CECPfuns’: 
✔ checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... 
─ installing the package to process help pages 
─ checking for LF line-endings in source and make files and shell scripts (13.7s) 
─ checking for empty or unneeded directories 
─ looking to see if a ‘data/datalist’ file should be added 
─ building ‘CECPfuns_0.0.0.9041.tar.gz’ 

* installing *source* package ‘CECPfuns’ ... 
** using staged installation 
** R 
** inst 
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading 
** help 
*** installing help indices 
** building package indices 
** installing vignettes 
** testing if installed package can be loaded from temporary location 
** testing if installed package can be loaded from final location 
** testing if installed package keeps a record of temporary installation path 
* DONE (CECPfuns) 
> browseVignettes(package = "CECPfuns") 
No vignettes found by browseVignettes(package = "CECPfuns") 

I hope someone can see what I'm doing wrong! As ever, TIA, 


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I do some consultation work for the University of Roehampton <chris.evans using roehampton.ac.uk> and other places 
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