[R-pkg-devel] Two compile questions

Karim Rahim k@r|m@r@h|m @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Feb 22 01:52:43 CET 2021


I'm in the process of incorporating some improvements that I pulled from
I am getting a warning and a note. These occur when I run

R CMD check --as-cran fftwtools_0.9-10.tar.gz

* checking whether package ‘fftwtools’ can be installed ... WARNING
Found the following significant warnings:
  'config' variable 'CPP' is deprecated
See ‘/home/karim/PWLisp/fftwtools.Rcheck/00install.out’ for details.

In the .out file I have the following:

* installing *source* package ‘fftwtools’ ...
** using staged installation
'config' variable 'CPP' is deprecated
checking for gcc... gcc -std=gnu99

Package has both ‘src/Makevars.in’ and ‘src/Makevars’.
Installation with --no-configure' is unlikely to work.  If you intended
‘src/Makevars’ to be used on Windows, rename it to ‘src/Makevars.win’
otherwise remove it.  If ‘configure’ created ‘src/Makevars’, you need a
‘cleanup’ script.

I cannot find a Makevars file. I do have a Makevars.win file.

I would appreciate any help.

R version 4.0.4 (2021-02-15) -- "Lost Library Book"
Copyright (C) 2021 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
Platform: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (64-bit)


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