[R-pkg-devel] installed package size problem on Mac but not Linux nor Windows

Spencer Graves @pencer@gr@ve@ @end|ng |rom e||ect|vede|en@e@org
Tue Sep 22 09:04:28 CEST 2020

Hello, All:

	  R CMD check of "https://github.com/sbgraves237/Ecfun" on Mac produces 
the following NOTE:

* checking installed package size ... NOTE
   installed size is  5.9Mb
   sub-directories of 1Mb or more:
     doc   5.2Mb

	  It doesn't do that with Travis CI[1] nor on a Windows 10 computer I 
have.  "Writing R Extensions" suggested using "--compact-vignettes" with 
qpdf.  That changed nothing.

	  Will this be problem on CRAN?


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