[R-pkg-devel] Dependency needs to be loaded manually even its specified in the package

Nuria Perez-Zanon nur|@@perez @end|ng |rom b@c@e@
Fri Sep 18 18:38:53 CEST 2020

Dear all,

I am maintaining a package call CSTools which is aimed for 
post-processing climate simulations.

The package is already published on CRAN with all dependencies correctly 
state in DESCRIPTION, NAMESPACE and roxygen2 headers.

However, when using one specific function which depends on 'qmap' 
package, I should loaded both packages by executing:


In case I don't load the second library, I get the error

Error in doQmap(x = sample_cor, fobj = adjust, ...) :
   doQmap not defined for class(fobj) ==fitQmapQUANT

Has anyone an idea for needing to manually load a dependency? I provide 
a code below if someone wants to test it.

Thanks in advace,


P.S.: Here is the code: library(CSTools) exp <- lonlat_data$exp
obs <- lonlat_data$obs
res <- CST_QuantileMapping(exp, obs)

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