[R-pkg-devel] Can these two notes be safely ignored?

David Pleydell d@v|d@p|eyde|| @end|ng |rom |nr@e@|r
Fri Sep 4 11:07:24 CEST 2020


I've a package that I'd like to submit to CRAN.  When I run the command  rhub::check_for_cran()  the checks on both Windows and Ubuntu virtual machines send me emails with the following two notes...

* checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE

Maintainer: 'David Pleydell <david.pleydell using inrae.fr>'
New submission

* checking for future file timestamps ... NOTE
unable to verify current time

Could you please confirm my best-guess that I can safely ignore these notes: the first is just printing out correct information that is contained within the DESCRIPTION file. The second is related to a time check being performed on a website that is currently down - and so a check on any package would currently generate the same note.

Many thanks


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