[R-pkg-devel] Documenting courtesy S3 methods

Lenth, Russell V ru@@e||-|enth @end|ng |rom u|ow@@edu
Thu Aug 6 21:13:30 CEST 2020

Testing results for Bert's suggestion...

I tested this with a different -- much smaller -- package: Put the S3method() construct in NAMESPACE but the generic package is not mentioned at all in any DESCRIPTION field. I built the package and checked it --as-cran. Interesting results:

  * Calling multcomp::cld(object) worked just fine without my doing anything to register the method. 
  * In checking, there was no objection to my not importing the generic for cld.

So this looks like a potentially good solution, except for the documentation issue.

BTW, note this parallel:

  * In NAMESPACE, the construct    S3method(pkg::gen, cls)
  * In Rd files, the macro    \S3method{pkg::gen}{cls}(args)

The latter is what I am asking about, that creates a warning. However, the parallel between these just cries out to be valid!


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Probably unnecessary to say, but if/when you determine whether the package must be installed, let us all know.


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