[R-pkg-devel] inappropriate maintainer moniker

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Thu Jul 23 01:05:03 CEST 2020

Hello R-pkg-devel,

Our package vcfR,


has been removed from CRAN because they asked me to make changes that I
have not been able to make before their deadline. One of the issues was
that the moniker


is not appropriate and that we should see CRAN policy. I interpret "CRAN
policy" here to be the following link.


I'm struggling with *why* is this inappropriate, so I do not understand how
to fix it. My attempt to interpret this issue is that this "moniker" has
been interpreted as a "mailing list" by a CRAN member. The policy states
that a "single designated maintainer (a person, not a mailing list)" should
be included in the DESCRIPTION. However, in vcfR this address is a "single
designated maintainer" (me). It's where I receive mail from various mailing
lists I've signed up for. For example, mail I receive from "R-pkg-devel"
comes to this address. So I feel that this is confusion on the side of
CRAN. Does anyone see a reason for *why* this may be considered

Thank you!
Brian Knaus

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