[R-pkg-devel] mode='wb' in download.file()

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Mon Jul 13 12:40:58 CEST 2020

On a related note:

I also need to set mode="wb" to download binary files on Windows in my rdwd package.
I'm considering calling download.file() with that mode as the default.
Is there any problem with that, potentially on other OS or for non-binary files?

Feel free to comment here to not crowd the mailing list:


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Thanks you too.

That is also what I am doing. Note that I am downloading jar files into a directory created in rappdirs::user_data_dir() using the command download.file(url, ...).

oaded jar file is corrupted and cannot be used because a text file is created in which \n are converted into \r\n, which does not make sens for a binary file.

I hope it can help

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