[R-pkg-devel] Documentation for non-user-level objects

Maëlle SALMON m@e||e@@@|mon @end|ng |rom y@hoo@@e
Tue May 12 08:17:04 CEST 2020

I see you already got useful answers, but here is a further resource: I wrote a blog post about internal functions earlier this year <https://blog.r-hub.io/2019/12/12/internal-functions/>

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Den söndag 10 maj 2020 23:32:00 CEST, Sapphire Zhou <sapphirezhou0404 using gmail.com> skrev: 

I met a problem when I uploaded the package to CRAN. There is a warning told me 
“All user-level objects in a package should have documentation entries.”

Actually, those functions are not user-level functions. How could I claim non-user-level functions in an R package.
Is there any idea to remove this warning.

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