[R-pkg-devel] Rmarkdown vignette yields r inline warning on windows build

Max Turgeon M@x@Turgeon @end|ng |rom um@n|tob@@c@
Fri May 1 21:39:50 CEST 2020

Since you're looking for suggestions and that's all I have:

Could it be the space between the tick mark and the r? For example, does replacing ` round` with `round` (and all other instances) fix the issue?

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I am trying to submit a package to CRAN that includes a vignette built using rmarkdown.  It passes fine on the machines I have access to (ubuntu and osx).  When I submit to CRAN using the form, it passes the Debian checks, but fails on windows with the following WARNING:

! Missing $ inserted.
<inserted text>

You may need to add $ $ around a certain inline R expression `r `

I�m really not sure what is causing this error or how to debug it.  I do not have any inline r expressions in my vignette (code here https://github.com/constantAmateur/SoupX/blob/devel/vignettes/pbmcTutorial.Rmd).  I do have back-ticked expression such as `round`, but they are not executed code.  Can anyone suggest what might be causing this issue?

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