[R-pkg-devel] inconsistent behavior between R CMD check and interactive use

Richard M. Heiberger rmh @end|ng |rom temp|e@edu
Sun Dec 8 21:14:59 CET 2019

I am seeing this in
> version
platform       x86_64-w64-mingw32
arch           x86_64
os             mingw32
system         x86_64, mingw32
status         Under development (unstable)
major          4
minor          0.0
year           2019
month          12
day            05
svn rev        77528
language       R
version.string R Under development (unstable) (2019-12-05 r77528)
nickname       Unsuffered Consequences

I also saw this in 2019-12-03 r77513

In my interactive use I set
> Sys.setenv("_R_CLASS_MATRIX_ARRAY_"="true")
to match what --as-cran does for class(matrix(1))

There are two problems, unrelated I think.

1. I have an example which works correctly in interactive use and which
shows an error under R CMD check.  The error message is the one we now expect
when class(matrix(1)) is just "matrix".  The error should not be
triggered when the class
is c("matrix","array")

2. I export many functions.  Several are not handled correctly during
R CMD check testing.
They appear in the NAMESPACE in the source, and also in both the
Rcheck 00_pkg_src and the Rcheck built package.
Yet, when those functions are called during the testing of the
examples, they aren't visible.
An ls() call inserted into the \examples{} section does not include them.
The functions are visible and work correctly during interactive use.

I am running a WIndows 10 system inside a Parallels Virtual Machine on
a Macintosh.

Has anyone else seen similar misbehavior?
Or can suggest a repair?


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