[R-pkg-devel] My test passes in OSx on Travis, but not in OSx on CRAN

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Fri Sep 13 13:30:05 CEST 2019

The error seems to be because you are trying to write to the user's home 
directory. This is not allowed. Probably by accident your test creates 
"~/testcsv4.csv" (the same problem is present for other test files).


On 9/13/19 1:21 PM, Vincent van Hees wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have a test in my R package that passes in OSx on Travis-CI, but it does
> not pass in OSx on CRAN. What does pass on both CRAN and Travis are the
> Linux tests. Also, on CRAN the Windows flavor passes. So, there seems to be
> an issue specific to the combination OSx and CRAN.
> The easiest solution for me would be to add 'skip_on_cran()' at the top of
> the test, but that would blind me for serious issues (if any). I already
> made sure that the seeds are set before random number generators and that
> value checks are limited to 3 decimal places to deal machine precision
> issues. Does anyone have suggestions for me on what else I can do to
> investigate this?
> Link
> <https://github.com/wadpac/GGIR/blob/master/tests/testthat/test_read.myacc.csv.R>
> to the specific test on GitHub. The function that is being tested first
> creates dummy csv-files with random data and then checks that my wrapper
> function around data.table() is able to read and interpret those dummy
> files.
> Link <https://cran.r-project.org/web/checks/check_results_GGIR.html> to
> CRAN results
> Link <https://travis-ci.org/wadpac/GGIR> to Travis-CI page for the package
> I have a local Windows and Linux machine, but for OSx testing I depend on
> Travis-CI.
> Thanks,
> Vincent
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