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Sameh M. Abdulah @@meh@@bdu|@h @end|ng |rom k@u@t@edu@@@
Sat Aug 24 20:16:45 CEST 2019


First, I am inviting all of you to try our recent package at https://github.com/ecrc/exageostatR. This package involves MLE estimation in large scale using leading-edge hardware architectures.

I have multiple questions:

(1) My package requires a pre-installation of Intel MKL. Is there any way to include the MKL installation with the package.

(2) The package depends on several c-based software which I automatically install through the package installation. Linking with these dependencies is a necessity. Thus, I did a simple trick for that as follows,
- I am installing all the software dependencies inside the default installation directory of the r-package then I am adding this path to the (PKG_CONFIG_PATH env) using this statement,
By this way, I will be sure that all libraries are accessible by the package.
- Then, the installation can be done using install_git(url=" https://github.com/ecrc/exageostatR") for the GitHub repo.
The problem that I need to avoid the manual setting of the (PKG_CONFIG_PATH) so that I can, for example, upload my package to CRAN and simplify the installation process. I am doing the dependencies installation using the package configure file which can be accessed through https://github.com/ecrc/exageostatR/blob/master/configure.

(3) My package is only compatible with Linux and macOS. How to avoid CRAN windows checks.


--Sameh Abdulah

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