[R-pkg-devel] Uses the superseded package: 'doSNOW'

Ronan GRIOT ron@n@gr|ot @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Jul 19 13:33:10 CEST 2019

Dear R-developpers,

I submitted my package and received this NOTE :

*Uses the superseded package: 'doSNOW'*

I found that this package is now "replaced" by the doParallel package.
However, I use the foreach option *.option.snow *to see the progress of my
parallel loop.

here is the code :

*doSNOW::registerDoSNOW(cl)  pb.recodeOff <- txtProgressBar(min = 0, max =
iterations, char = '><> ', style = 3)  progress <- function(n)
{setTxtProgressBar(pb.recodeOff, n)}  opts <- list(progress = progress)
recode.off <- foreach(i = 1:iterations, .combine = rbind, .options.snow =
opts) %dopar% {    tmp <- as.numeric(as.vector(sapply(offspring[i,, drop =
F], recodeFortran, list.mrk = variant.corres)))  }*

I tried several ways to modify my function but nothing worked...

I wonder if I have to completley remove the progress bars I made to pass
the checks or if there is a option I do no know.

best regards,
Ronan GRIOT, phD student

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