[R-pkg-devel] implications of staged install for data processing packages

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Fri Jun 28 17:16:41 CEST 2019

oh ok i see: so i will always be able to do

clean(path = "~/data.csv")

for example? in that case I completely misunderstood this and there must
indeed be some system.file call buried somewhere. will check. thanks!


On Fri, 28 Jun 2019 at 17:11, Georgi Boshnakov <
georgi.boshnakov using manchester.ac.uk> wrote:

> You need to give details what exactly gets you into trouble and about your
> use case, since any advice would be conditional on making assumptions about
> that. It is usually a bad a idea to have a function working on a hardcoded
> full filename. You will thank yourself later if you at least make it
> argument to your function(s). It can have for default value the one that is
> currently hardcoded.
> Please note that your use case does not seem inherently related to staged
> installation.
> "Hardcoded" in the context of staged installation does not refer to any
> hardcoded path
> but to those paths that contain the temporary installation directory. Such
> paths can be obtained,
> for example, with calls to system.path(), as illustrated by Tomas.
> Georgi Boshnakov
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> Hi all
> I ran into trouble with the changes starting to come in with R3.6 stemming
> from the new staged installation, which checks and errors on hard coded
> paths in R code. I understand there is an opt out, but still want to know.
> here's the blog post:
> https://developer.r-project.org/Blog/public/2019/02/14/staged-install/
> I have several packages which look like that:
>    1. large messy dataset stored on disk as `filename`, maybe a csv.
>    2. R package has a function `clean(filename)` which reads the data and
>    brings it into useable form
>    3. R package does analysis
>    4. R package exports results
> `filename` is hard coded. What is the proper way to do this instead? Should
> I store the inital raw data inside the R package in `/inst`? These things
> are typically very large, so I like to decouple the raw data from the
> package (easier to share).
> thanks for any suggestions!
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