[R-pkg-devel] Link compiled C object to internal package file

mark padgham m@rk@p@dgh@m @end|ng |rom em@||@com
Wed Jun 19 12:45:51 CEST 2019

Dear All,

I'm developing a package which primarily relies on C code that itself
has to call an external text file representing a dictionary or lookup
table. The location of this file is defined in a C macro, the file
itself packaged in "./inst/dict/<myfile.txt>" and so currently called as
"#define mylocation './dict/<myfile.txt>'". I can load the package and
all works well, yet the tests fail because the compiled object
("./src/<myobject.so>") can not find this file **in tests only**. My
primary request would then be advice for where best to place such files
that need to be called directly by compiled objects, and how to direct
the compiled object to such files? Failing that, advice on why such
attempts at linking compiled objects to external files might fail only
during tests, yet work otherwise, would be appreciated.

Other important info: Yes, the external dictionary file **must** be
linked directly from the compiled object, not at run time. This means
that no R-based solutions can be implemented, and so the problem can
only be solved in this case through figuring out how to direct a
compiled object to connect to an additional package-internal file.

Thanks in advance,


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