[R-pkg-devel] Package writing to disc

Berry Boessenkool berryboe@@enkoo| @end|ng |rom hotm@||@com
Wed Apr 24 11:08:38 CEST 2019


I have a package with some keyboard shortcuts for Rstudio. Several friends and colleagues asked me to put it on CRAN.
It includes a function to set the keyboard bindings that will write to ~/.R/rstudio/keybindings/addins.json et al.
This is not allowed by CRAN policy:
"Packages should not write in the user�s [...] file system [...]. Limited exceptions may be allowed in interactive sessions if the package obtains confirmation from the user."

So if I include  readline("Is it OK to write into the '~/.R/rstudio/keybindings' files? y/n: ")
and explain this behaviour in the submission note, should I be fine to submit and see what happens?

Thanks ahead,

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