[R-pkg-devel] file35451f8cc152 found a top level

Alexandre Génin @lex @ending from lec@irn@org
Tue Dec 18 22:08:12 CET 2018

Dear all, 

I am preparing an update to my CRAN package 'spatialwarnings' and fixing the 
last issues before submitting it. 

I keep running into this type of message arising during checking: 

* checking top-level files ... NOTE
Non-standard files/directories found at top level:
  'file35451f8cc152' 'file35451f9d8e7a' 'file3545214f4cdf'
  'file354524b354c4' 'file35452559ca7' 'file354525cb8eb1'
  'file35452a4e4bdd' 'file35452ac564a0' 'file35452ae421b2'
  'file35452d03ad' 'file35452dc8e4d4' 'file354530b2d171'

(the complete log is available there: https://pastebin.com/JgyG9SwJ )

This happens for a variety of architectures, R versions and building service 
(I tried rhub and win-builder). I am a bit puzzled because the files are 
absent from the archive built through R CMD build and from my git tree. I also 
added the following pattern to my .Rbuildignore to try to fix the issue: 
^file.*$, without success. 

I have no idea of what generates these files (the problem does not arise on my 
computers). Any hints on how to fix this ? 

Thanks in advance and sorry if the question has already been asked (a quick 
search returned nothing)


Lisez, causez ! http://saulecauseur.org

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