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Sebastian Meyer @eb@meyer @ending from f@u@de
Thu Dec 6 17:41:39 CET 2018

Hi Kevin,

I think using

> canCoerce(wv, "double") || getRversion() < "3.6.0"

could solve the issue of an inconsistent test result and is descriptive.

Best regards,


Am 06.12.18 um 16:59 schrieb Kevin Coombes:
>  Hi,
> A package I recently submitted to CRAN includes an S4 class that defines a
> method to coerce from that class to a numeric vector, basically through
>>  setAs("myClass", "numeric", function(from) from using psi)
> Being perhaps overly compulsive about trying to test everything while
> documenting behavior, my accompanying test script includes these lines:
>> try( as.numeric(wv) )            # should fail
>> canCoerce(wv, "numeric")   # returns TRUE
>> canCoerce(wv, "double")     # gets a complaint from CRAN incoming pretest
> The complaint on the last line arises because
> + in the current version of R, the answer is FALSE
> + in the development version of R, the answer is TRUE
> The change is (probably) documented on the R-devel daily news from 04 Sept
> 2018, which lists
> Bug Fix:  as(1L, "double") now does coerce (PR#17457)
> So, here's my question. Do I remove this test (and thus lose my
> documentation of how the method behaves) in order to get the incoming
> precheck to stop whinging? Or do I tell the CRAN maintainers to not worry
> about the test changing, since it's due to a core bug fix, and promise to
> change my saved test results when the devel version becomes current? (Even
> though the fixed results will then show up as wrong in the "oldrel" tests.)
> Best,
>   Kevin
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