[R-pkg-devel] creating a link to a vignette in a .Rd file

Fox, John jfox @ending from mcm@@ter@c@
Mon Nov 19 23:48:49 CET 2018

Dear r-package-devel list members,

I'd like to create a link to a package vignette from a help file in the same package, for example to the "partial-residuals" vignette in the effects package from effect.Rd. I'm able to generate a URL for the vignette as follows:

	\Sexpr[results=text]{paste0("file://", system.file("doc", "partial-residuals.pdf", package="effects"))}

but I'm unable to link to the resulting text string using href{}{} or url{} because \Sexpr[etc]{etc.} is treated as verbatim text rather than evaluated. 

Is there a way around this problem or another approach that works?

Any help would be appreciated.


John Fox
Professor Emeritus
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Web: https://socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/jfox/

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