[R-pkg-devel] [FORGED] Re: Recommendations about adding options to a package in order to change default values of some functions on-the-fly

Rolf Turner r@turner @ending from @uckl@nd@@c@nz
Fri Sep 7 01:05:19 CEST 2018

On 09/07/2018 04:15 AM, Alexandre Courtiol wrote:


> you could:
> 1. directly write and then read elements in the (hidden) list .Options that
> is present in the global environment:


Point of order Mr. Chairman (and I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter a 
damn) but (on my system at least) .Options is created in the *base* 
package, not in the global environment.


# Freshly started R session.
 > find(".Options")
[1] "package:base"
 > options(mung="gorp")
 > find(".Options")
[1] "package:base"
 > options("mung")
[1] "gorp"
 > .Options$mung
[1] "gorp"


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