Running R CMD CHECK on different architectures

Stuart Lacy @tu@rt@l@cy @ending from york@@c@uk
Thu Jul 19 16:20:16 CEST 2018


I've just submitted a new release of my package multistateutils to CRAN 
but have received an automated email back asking if I've fixed the 
errors from the previous release. Firstly, why was the previous release 
accepted onto CRAN if it had errors?

The result of the check on the previous release is available here

However, the errors and warnings are in architectures that I don't have 
available, i.e. r-devel on fedora, r-patched solaris, r-release osx, 
r-oldrel osx.

How can I test that these errors have been fixed in my latest version? I 
run CMD CHECK through devtools::check() and also test on win-builder and 
there are no problems on either of these.

Stuart Lacy
Research Fellow
Epidemiology and Cancer Statistics Group
University of York
01904 321118

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