[R-pkg-devel] compilation flags WARNING

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Thu Jul 5 16:39:49 CEST 2018

El jue., 5 jul. 2018 a las 16:11, Göran Broström
(<goran.brostrom using umu.se>) escribió:
> I am preparing a CRAN release of eha (a trivial change due to a change
> in the survival package), but when checking the build I get:
> goran using M6800:~/R$ R CMD check --as-cran eha_2.5.2.tar.gz
> ...
> * checking compilation flags used ... WARNING
> Compilation used the following non-portable flag(s):
>    ‘-Wdate-time’ ‘-Werror=format-security’ ‘-Wformat’
> ...

AFAIK, these are new checks. I get similar warnings on Fedora for
different flags.

> I have never seen this before and I haven't (to my knowledge) set any
> compilation flags. It is my first build and check on a newly upgraded
> ubuntu 18.04 (no issues on 17.10). Should I perhaps ask on r-sig-debian,
> or is that observation irrelevant?

Again AFAIK (there are package maintainers for several distros here
that can correct me if I'm wrong), each distro defines some policies
regarding compilation flags that are applied to all packages by
default. So these warnings can be safely ignored locally (or you may
override them), because those flags won't be defined on CRAN.


> Göran Broström

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