[R-pkg-devel] How to (conditionally) use an archived package (without Suggests)?

Marius Hofert marius.hofert at uwaterloo.ca
Sun Feb 25 09:49:13 CET 2018

>> It does -- except for the 'warning':
>> '::' or ':::' import not declared from: ‘bar’
>> 'loadNamespace' or 'requireNamespace' call not declared from: ‘bar’
> That's because 'bar' is not in Suggests.

Thinking a bit about it, the reference to
in the email from CRAN does not really apply in my case. It starts
with "Note that someone wanting to run the examples/tests/vignettes
may not have a suggested package available...", but what I would need
is "Note that someone wanting to run an exported function from the
package may not have a required package available...". It is
essentially the question whether 'code' from a package can be run
'conditionally'. Conceptually, I think it should be possible: If I
want to run a function from zenplots with an argument specifying
specifically to use 'loon', then I should get an error if I don't have
loon installed -- and if I do, then I sure want the code to run.

>> Uwe wrote:
>> But you still have
>> Suggests: loon,
>> Please fix and resubmit >
>> ... so it shouldn't appear in 'Suggests' either (I guess). That's why
>> I also removed it from Suggests, but then (because of the above
>> warning), I can't submit either.
> I suspect you didn't run an --as-cran check with no 'loon' available,
> and if you had, you would have received warnings or errors.
> If you did run that check and it didn't give warnings or errors,

I ran the check with '--as-cran' without loon available and only got
the above namespace warning, no other warnings or errors. And, of
course, the same on winbuilder.


PS: In the meanwhile, I also tried to add 'loon' under
'Additional_repositories' via "Additional_repositories:
https://github.com/waddella/loon", but the check seems to look for a
subfolder of the form ./src/contrib/PACKAGES and that github repos
doesn't seem to have this structure, so I got:

* checking CRAN incoming feasibility ...Warning: unable to access
index for repository https://github.com/waddella/loon/src/contrib:
  cannot open URL 'https://github.com/waddella/loon/src/contrib/PACKAGES'

> then things have changed; sorry for misleading you.
> Duncan Murdoch

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