[R-pkg-devel] discovering if a function in a package is called under RStudio

Georgi Boshnakov georgi.boshnakov at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Feb 9 10:22:59 CET 2018

Many thanks, I should have looked at rstudioapi, from rstudioapi::isAvailable():

> .Platform$GUI
[1] "RStudio"


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you can use rstudioapi::isAvailable() for that. There's other packages with similar functionality (eg the assertive package), and you can always check whether Sys.getenv("RSTUDIO") == "1".

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 9:09 AM, Georgi Boshnakov <georgi.boshnakov at manchester.ac.uk<mailto:georgi.boshnakov at manchester.ac.uk>> wrote:

Is there a canonical way for a function to discover if it has been called in a session under RStudio?
I looked the at the options() but none seems to be dedicated to this.

Georgi Boshnakov

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