[R-pkg-devel] Unit Testing CUDA Volunteers

Charles Determan cdetermanjr at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 16:30:33 CET 2018

R Developers,

I am currently in development of some additional CUDA based packages to
bring more GPU computing to the R community.  Recently, I no longer have
access to an NVIDIA GPU and therefore I am unable to run any unit tests on
the functions I create.  I can confirm the packages build on a continuous
integration platform (e.g. Travis CI) but I am not aware of any that
provide an NVIDIA GPU for testing.

As you are all aware, unit testing is critical for the integrity of our
packages so I would like to openly request for volunteers who would be
willing to test CUDA based packages.  I previously petitioned for
developers with my previous package (gpuR) but that was open to anyone
given the OpenCL backend.  Naturally, this testing would be at your
convenience and there would be no additional responsibilities.  Simply
reporting if tests pass or fail.  If you are interested, please reply to me
off list and we can coordinate with my git repositories.

Kind Regards,

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