[R-pkg-devel] Assignments to the Global environment

Saeb ali.saeb at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 13:21:15 CET 2018

The function downloads the list of index's value and assigned them to 
the individual's name correspond with the indexes. If remove the 
.GlobalEnv, then we can not return the values in output.

Since, the data is updated daily, I think that the storage on device is 
not user friendly enough.

I already used the following code with same R report:

assign(as.character(s), temp3, envir = .GlobalEnv)


On 01/07/2018 01:30 AM, Uwe Ligges wrote:
> Let me add: Frequently you can use storage in an enmvironment in yur 
> package, if that helps to avoid assigning into .GlobalEnv.
> Best,
> Uwe Ligges
> On 06.01.2018 22:07, peter dalgaard wrote:
>> You probably need to tell us what you are trying to achieve. Why do 
>> you want to assign temp3 to a variable with its name in s into the 
>> global environment? Not doing that would clearly eliminate the Note:, 
>> but presumably it has a function. However, writing to the global 
>> environment, especially to variables with arbitrary names, is 
>> potentially antisocial behaviour, since it may overwrite user variables.
>> Incidentally, why do you write .GlobalEnv as as.environment(1)? Is is 
>> as intended?
>> -pd
>>> On 6 Jan 2018, at 20:36 , Saeb <ali.saeb at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> * checking R code for possible problems ... [4s] NOTE
>>> Found the following assignments to the global environment:
>>> File 'TSEtools/R/getTSE.R':
>>> assign(as.character(s), temp3, envir = as.environment(1))
>>> Please let me know, how can I eliminate this problem? I didn't find out
>>> any good information on websites!

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