[R-pkg-devel] Annoying "missing file link" messages when rebuilding

Lenth, Russell V russell-lenth at uiowa.edu
Thu Jan 4 02:35:58 CET 2018


Lately (the past month or so), I have been getting a ton of messages like the following whenever I rebuild my package:

    Rd warning: H:/progs/R/devel/EMMEANS/emmeans/man/xtable.emmGrid.Rd:57: missing file link 'print.xtableList'

The flagged line 57 in xtable.emmGrid.Rd looks like this:

    The \code{print} method uses \code{\link[xtable]{print.xtableList}}, ...

It seems like this warning occurs for every single instance of the form \link[pkg]{fcn} in my .Rd files.

The warnings seems to be false, as the actual help files generated have the links I specified, and they work correctly. So the warnings are only an annoyance -- but a considerable annoyance nonetheless. 

I didn't used to get these warnings, even though many of the .Rd files (including the example shown) have been in place for some time. Does anybody know where these come from, or how they can be suppressed? Is it in the latest R version, or in RStudio?

Thanks for any help.


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