[R-pkg-devel] Debian: example file is no longer read correctly

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Dec 20 18:54:34 CET 2017

On 20 December 2017 at 15:32, Göran Broström wrote:
| > Or can someone tell me how to install the package using R devel on Linux?
| Good question (which I missed). I do it like this:
| (i) Download and unpack the tarball R-devel.... in ~/src/
| (ii) ./configure and make
| (iii) Start R-devel:  $ ~/src/R-devel/bin/R
| (iv) > install.packages(...)
| This seems to install packages in R-devel/library/, separate from your 
| main R installation. Note that I do not install R-devel.
| This is found by trial-and-error. I don't know if it is the recommended way.

It is, but more work. (I still do it as it is set up.)

Another good way is to use the rocker/drd container (where "drd" is short for
"daily R-devel").  Requires a system that can run Docker, which is most these
days, and generally worth it.


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