[R-pkg-devel] Package valgrind problem I can't solve: Direction?

Iñaki Úcar i.ucar86 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 01:43:14 CET 2017

2017-10-30 0:54 GMT+01:00 Peter Dunn <PDunn2 at usc.edu.au>:
> Thanks for this direction.
> But I am still confused, as the problem persists after attending to any
> possible issue: That piece of identified code only has four variables, and I
> can account for them all.
> The two variables its and aimrerr are now explicitly initialised. So they
> cannot be the problem.
> The variables maxit and relerr are inputs to the subroutine... and both are
> explicitly initialised in the only subroutine which calls smallp. So I can’t
> see how that can be a problem. (Clearly they cannot be initialised in the
> subroutine smallp or their input values are overwritten.)

Maybe the location is wrong. What about the "result" variable in the
"smallp" subroutine? Shouldn't it be initialised?

> Any more idea for where I should be looking, or how I can progress this?
> Using the flags below when gfortran is called, with -O0 –g included,
> produced no errors or warnings at all.

Given that the issue disappears depending on the optimisation level,
maybe it is a false error.


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