[R-pkg-devel] Changing a package's name

David Hugh-Jones davidhughjones at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 14:56:41 CEST 2017

Apropos of nothing, I just came across this line at

plumber was originally released as the rapier package and has since been
renamed (7/13/2015)



On 13 June 2017 at 13:29, Michael Dewey <lists at dewey.myzen.co.uk> wrote:

> Dear David
> It is your package and you can choose the name you prefer. If you feel
> uncomfortable with the current one then change it. I do not think anyone
> else's opinion is relevant unless a package author picks a name that all
> right thinking people would find offensive.
> On 11/06/2017 14:51, David Hugh-Jones wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> A short while ago I released the "huxtable" package for writing HTML and
>> LaTeX tables:
>> https://www.github.com/hughjonesd/huxtable
>> The name seemed cute to me, but I later found out that to Americans it has
>> special associations. The Huxtables were the family in the Cosby show.
>> That
>> would be fine, except that Bill Cosby is now on trial for one case of
>> rape,
>> and there are accusations of many other cases.
>> So, two questions:
>> * Do you think I should change the name?
>> Comments welcome from Americans and others on this difficult cultural
>> issue.
>> * If I do, what's the best and least disruptive way to do it? Bear in mind
>> that I have a couple of thousand users.
>> My first thought would be to release an update which gives a warning about
>> the future change when the package is loaded; then release a package with
>> the new name and continue development on this branch.
>> David
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