[R-pkg-devel] cvDetect: an R + OpenCV + Windows webcam/photo face/palm/finger detection demo package

Steve Chen steve at stat.tku.edu.tw
Tue May 23 21:19:34 CEST 2017

Hi all,

Since I had't found any R + OpenCV face recognition package through 
Google, so I made a demo package
cvDetect , which shows webcam/picture face/palm/finger recognition 
capability in R.
Currently it's for Windows only, since I don't have webcams in my Linux 
systems so far.

My cvDetect package sources have been upload to


I am just an novice in C++ language, so the purpose of this package is 
just to see if  I can do it  myself.

OpenCV is a big library.  As an novice C++ user,  I am hoping that many 
other experienced C++ experts
can explore more OpenCV functionalities in the future.

Any suggestion or correction of the codes is welcome, thank you.

Steve Chen
Department of Statistics
Tamkang University, Taiwan

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