[R-pkg-devel] doMC dependency

Christopher Lalansingh Christopher.Lalansingh at oicr.on.ca
Mon May 15 18:09:08 CEST 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm preparing to release a package which uses doMC for parallelization in certain functions. I've used require(doMC) to specify this for these functions, and importFrom("doMC", "registerDoMC") in my NAMESPACE.

I ran all the R CMD --as-cran checks under 3.4.0 and R-devel on Debian 8 sucessfully, but when I submitted to CRAN the package failed when built on Windows. This is because doMC is not available for Windows. It was recommended by Uwe Ligges that I move doMC to "Suggests", but since doMC is required for functions in my package this does not seem to work:

* checking package dependencies ... ERROR
Namespace dependency not required: 'doMC'

Is there a way to keep doMC in 'Suggests' by changing how I attach/load doMC in my package?

Thanks for your help,

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