[R-pkg-devel] Re-creating vignettes after update of data or different mechanism to create reports?

Rainer Krug Rainer at krugs.de
Thu May 11 14:31:12 CEST 2017


I am building two packages:

- a data package which contains the data and function to extract it (several datasets, linked, like an sql database) and
- an analysis package which contains functions to analyse the data in the data package and depends on the data package.

The data package is updated often as the data is updated regularly, while the analysis package will (hopefully) be more static.

Now I created a report which I put in the vignette of the analysis package, which works nicely and the report is created when the analysis package is installed, but when the data package is updated, the user has to re-install the analysis package to re-create the report (vignette) of the updated dataset.

I know that I am abusing the vignette, but it works nicely.

My question:  Is there a way of re-creating the vignette by a user after they installed a newer version of the data package, or is there a better way of creating the report(s)?



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