[R-pkg-devel] new package submission: "check log incomplete, web timeout?"

Jeremy Volkening jdv at base2bio.com
Sun Apr 23 05:08:53 CEST 2017


I am trying to submit a package to CRAN for the first time. I have gone 
through testing on my own machines (Linux, Windows x64, Windows i386), 
on Travis CI and using win-builder. All tests are now passing on all of 
these platforms. However, when I try to submit the package to CRAN I get 
an email that the pre-test has failed, with the following line:

Status: NA (check log incomplete, web timeout?)

The pre-test link is here: 

If I check the '00check.log' file I can see that it ends with the line 
"* checking re-building of vignette outputs ...", so apparently the test 
is quitting before it finishes this step. I'm not sure how to proceed, 
since everything is working for all of my own manual tests (as well as 
win-builder). See the log for my manual submission of exactly the same 
package to win-builder, which passes:


Any help would be greatly appreciated. The package itself can be found 



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