[R-pkg-devel] Referring to data in R/sysdata.rda

Roy Mendelssohn - NOAA Federal roy.mendelssohn at noaa.gov
Sat Apr 15 02:15:11 CEST 2017

In my package I have a dataframe that I use but want to hide from the user.  In Hadley's book on R Packages,  he says:

> 	• If you want to store parsed data, but not make it available to the user, put it in R/sysdata.rda. This is the best place to put data that your functions need.

I have done that,  and sure enough when the package is loaded, the structure is there.  However,  when I am working on debugging code, and I refer to the  structure in a function,  RStudio gives a warning that the structure is out of scope, say the data frame is myDF:

myFunc  <-  function(myIndex) {
     junk  <-  myDF[index]

RStudio will warn that myDF is out of scope.  My question is if there is a proper way to refer to myDF so as not to get the warning,  or just ignore it.  Basically before submission I try to remove all warnings from the editor,  even style ones,  just to have things cleaner.



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