[R-pkg-devel] DLL 'cmprsk' not found: maybe not installed for this architecture?

Boylan, Ross Ross.Boylan at ucsf.edu
Wed Jun 15 04:43:32 CEST 2016

I keeping getting the error in the subject when I try to install a package from source on Windows 7.
When using the same code outside of a package there is no problem; the cmprsk package is installed and its dll is present (in both the x64 and i386 directories).

Our package is attempting to call the cmprsk dll directly, e.g.,
            z <- .Fortran("cinc", as.double(d$time[cgind]), as.integer(censind[cgind]), 
                as.integer(causeind[cgind]), as.integer(ncg), 
                x = tmp, f = tmp, v = tmp, PACKAGE = "cmprsk")

We've tried a number of variants.  Currently NAMESPACE is 

and the DESCRIPTION file includes
     Depends: cmprsk

Any ideas?

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