[R-pkg-devel] --as-cran URL check

Paul Gilbert pgilbert902 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 01:46:14 CET 2015

I am having some trouble with a NOTE produced by an R-devel check of URL 
references. The reference was


which the --as-cran check finds has moved and notifies about the 
redirected address


My browser finds this, and does not distinguish it from


However, I cannot get either of these forms of the new address to work 
in the man page and/or CITATION file  \url{}. The first gives

Found the following (possibly) invalid URLs:
     From: man/estFAmodel.Rd
     Status: 500
     Message: Internal Server Error

even though I can cut and paste that address from the error message into 
my browser and it works fine. The second form results in a problem 
parsing the Rd file, the end of the section is not recognized and for 
the next section I get "unexpected section header '\examples'". I think 
the percent signs cause the end of the line with the closing } to be 
treated as a comment, but if I put the } on a new line the status 500 
occurs. With the percent signs escaped in the second form I get the 
status 500 error message as in the first form.

Is this a bug in the R-devel --as-cran URL check, or does anyone see 
something I am missing?

Paul Gilbert

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