[R-pkg-devel] golang based package for R msgpack and websocket work (RMQ)

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Mon Oct 26 17:57:49 CET 2015

On 26 October 2015 at 09:46, Jason E. Aten wrote:
| Cool. Thanks for mentioning that. I'll send him a note.

+1 -- I would have CC'ed him had I had his email handy. I'll try to reach out too.

|     You "just" make that
|       a) a SystemRequirements: entry and possibly add a line to say which
|          Debian/Ubuntu and/or Fedora/Yum packages need to be installed
|       b) possibly test for it in configure
| I'll try to dig into the autotools docs and figure out how to add a configure

If it is "all greek" to you let me know. I helped a few other packages over
the years with simple configure tasks.

| test. It's really just running "go version" and checking that the "go"
| executalbe exists and the output of "go version" is 1.5.1 or later.

Pretty much. Here is what I do in RQuantLib:

    pkg_version=`quantlib-config --version`

    # also test for quantlib version using result from quantlib-config --version
    case ${pkg_version} in
	AC_MSG_WARN([RQuantLib requires QuantLib (>= 1.4.0).])
	AC_MSG_ERROR([Please upgrade to a current version.])

autoconf looks complicated, but is mostly just shell scripting ...
| I added a human readable note to the SystemRequirements in the DESCRIPTION. 
| It's "apt-get install golang" on ubuntu, and "yum install golang" on fedora.
| Should the SystemRequirements field be in some kind of machine parseable/CRAN
| build-testable syntax?

But I checked with eg


and few systems will have 1.5.1 yet.  Ie it probably won't Ubuntu before
16.04 next year.  Are there PPAs?


PS Oh, and I forgot to mention that I like msgPack a lot too :)   and have
played a little bit with C++ bindings via Rcpp.

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