[R-pkg-devel] dplyr usage inside another package

Jonathan Callahan jonathan at mazamascience.com
Tue Aug 11 00:35:49 CEST 2015


I'm using dplyr inside of another package with examples like this:

data <- dplyr::filter(data, datetime >= trange[1], datetime <= trange[2])

When I run my package through R CMD check I get the following NOTES:

monitorSubsetData: no visible binding for global variable ‘datetime’

I already have dplyr listed in the package Depends: section of the

I'm also encountering

no visible global function definition for ‘matches’

when I try to use the dplyr internal function matches().

Is there any way to allow for dplyr syntactic sugar inside of my package or
do I need to be pedantic and say data$datetime in the first example and
dplyr::matches in the second? (Will dplyr::matches even work when it is not
an exported function?)



Jonathan Callahan, PhD
Mazama Science

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