[R-pkg-devel] checking S3 generic/method consistency ... NOTE‏

Daniel Marcelino dmarcelino at live.com
Thu Jul 23 23:21:27 CEST 2015

Hi, I would like to know how you are calming down the R check. I've an issue with the `head` method. I'm incorporating  a head for data base, but nothing that I add  in the function file seems to be able to silence the R check. Below is what I have:
checking S3 generic/method consistency ... NOTE
Found the following apparent S3 methods exported but not registered:

#' Return the first n elements of a SQLiteConnection object
#' If a database connection is selected, returns a dataframe of table names.
#' If a table name is also supplied, the first n rows from the table are returned.
#' @param x A database connection object or a table name.
#' @param \dots Additional arguments
#' @param table character specifying a table
#' @param n integer: Number of rows to output
#' @param temp logical should the function list the temp tables
#' @export head.SQLiteConnection
#' @method head SQLiteConnection
#' @importFrom RSQLite dbGetQuery
#' @importFrom utils head
#' @rdname head
head.SQLiteConnection <- function(x, table = NULL, n = 10L, temp = FALSE, ...){
      RSQLite::dbGetQuery(x, "SELECT type, name, tbl_name FROM sqlite_temp_master;", ...)
    } else RSQLite::dbGetQuery(x, "SELECT type, name, tbl_name FROM sqlite_master;", ...)

  } else {
    RSQLite::dbGetQuery(x, sprintf("SELECT * FROM %s LIMIT %d;", table, n), ...)


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