[R-pkg-devel] Packages from other maintainers with win-builder

François Michonneau francois.michonneau at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 01:10:26 CEST 2015

Hello all,

  As I can only easily access computers with Linux, I am very grateful
for the existence of win-builder to test my packages with Windows.

  Today I encountered an issue with win-builder that took me a while
to figure out. My package was failing unit tests on win-builder but I
couldn't reproduce the problem with my setup. It turned out that
win-builder was using an unstable version of a package (with a bug) my
package depended on that must have been uploaded by its maintainer

  I realize that it's the side effect of the very useful feature of
being able to upload packages serially. However, I am wondering if it
would be possible to implement a way to avoid this kind of situation
and to have an option to ask win-builder to only use the CRAN version
of the packages listed in DESCRIPTION?

  -- François

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